Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This blog: Part 4

So here it is, the highly anticipated fourth installment of the best alt art blog ever to exist. feel free to jizz yourself upon viewing.
This is classic greatness.

oh japan...

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  1. This blog is awesome I can't wait until the fifth one comes out! Each post is greater than the last!
    I have prepared this equation to express this point:

    Where A is the quantified awesomeness of the post and X is the post's number;
    A = 6.723*10^6*e^X

    This equation shows that the awesomeness of this blog grows exponentially as you post more posts.
    So the next post should be 2.71828 times greater than this one. This pattern can be seen by looking at the previous posts. The 6.723*10^6 is the Awesomeness levels of your first post measuring at almost 7 giga-whoas.