Thursday, June 16, 2011

This world will not be tamed!

This post is considerably heavier on the wallpapers due to a shortage in my alt art finding resources, so prepare to view greatness.
Why would they put the inferior toon link in a link to the past? The minds of artists are twisted and strange.

A childhood classic.

[insert pun here]

That can't be good for you.

That just happened.

So, there it was. my first post in a really long time. Also, 10 internetz to whoever knows what the post name is about.


  1. I used the internetz to find out and got a bunch of World of warcraft stuff, but i guess cuz it has the word 'world' and you can tame stuff in it. If I had to guess it would have to be a quote from Diablo. Anyways stuff be pretty cool I think mah fave is the Nuka Cola one cuz I luv me some Fallout ;)

  2. damn that zelda pic is awesome o_o